Levitha island Greece Kinaros & Levitha Visit places only reached by boat Visit 2000-year-old shipwrecks Discover the Dodecanes islands east of Amorgos with a few inhabitants.
Day Cruise Kinaros & Levitha Map
  1. The port of Aegiali
  2. Kinaros
  3. Levitha
Discover the small Dodecanes islands east of Amorgos with a few inhabitants. Kinaros with one resident and unique bird fauna. Levitha has only one family, which run a taverna. You can also discover the 2000-year-old shipwrecks. Swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters. The cruise will give you a feeling of Robins Cruise life and leave you unforgettable memories to bring back home.


Kinaros belongs to the Dodecanese and is 4.5 km2 and located 5.5 nautical miles east of Amorgos. The islands name comes from the Greek word of the artichoke (kinara), produced on the island. Kinaros has a unique bird fauna.

Irini Katsotourhis is the only resident of the islet; she was born here when the island was still inhabited. Her only contact with the outside world during the winter months is the weekly arrival of the boat from Amorgos, bringing essential supplies.


Levitha has a population of five; a family with two children and their grandmother. They run a tavern where we can stop and eat. There are about a dozen tables in the courtyard of the colonial house where you will have the chance to try some of the delicious food. You can even spend the night there and wake up in the morning with the noise of the sheep bells. The total area of the island is 9.2 km2, with a coastline of 34 km.

In June 2019, archaeologists from the Greek culture discovered five 2000-year-old shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea near the Levitha island.


Your day cruise is private with a maximum of 10 passengers. During the cruise, you get the opportunity to swim and snorkel, and we stop at places of interest. If you have any wishes what to see or do you are welcome to tell us in advance. We also offer tailor-made cruises based on your wishes, and we can also camp one night on a desert beach.

Price: 800€

Time: We start between 10-12 and end 17-20


  • Zodiac boat
  • Crew
  • Fuel
  • Insurance for the Zodiac boat and passengers


  • Sunscreen
  • A cap or hat that you can tie under the chin. Otherwise, it can fly away in the wind.
  • Food & drinks, fridge is available onboard
  • Equipment if you want, for instance, to snorkel
  • Towel


In case of bad weather, winds above 3 Beaufort, we cancel the cruise. We will inform you at once via telephone or SMS. And we can reschedule for another day.