Sparti Amorgos Amorgos Round trip Visit places only reached by boat Swim in crystal clear waters To see the wild beauty of Amorgos from the sea will leave you with unforgettable memories.
Day Cruise Amorgos Round Map
  1. The port of Aegiali
  2. Metallia bauxite mines
  3. Sparti bay
  4. Chalara beach
  5. The Monastery of Hozoviotissa
This tour around Amorgos will allow you to see the wild beauty and history of Amorgos from the sea. Visit places only reached by boat. We will stop at some secluded beaches where you can swim or snorkel in the famous “Big Blue“. Pass under the Monastery of Hozoviotissa, which literally is hanging on the cliffside 300 m above the sea. The cruise will leave you with unforgettable impressions and memories.

Metallia – Bauxite mines

We leave from the port of Aegiali and go around the north coast of Amorgos with its steep rocks that stretch down to the sea and pass the bays of Mikri and Megali Glifada. Our first stop is below the bauxite mines (Metallia) on the northeast coast. From the boat, you can see and capture the caves and the remains of old buildings. Still, you can see the last excavated bauxite, which never was loaded when the mine closed in 1939.

The bay of Sparti

Then we move on to the magical bay of Sparti with its narrow entrance where only small boats can pass. Here you can enjoy the crystal clear turquoise waters. Perfect for snorkelling, and there is also some caves discover and a small beach.


We go along the east coast and pass the beautiful beach of Chalara whit its cliffs and small lagoons. Here you can see the “petrified pirate“. The myth says that many years ago, pirates came from the east to plunder Amorgos and the wealthy Monastery of Hozoviotissa. As they were sailing along the east coast of Amorgos, they set the anchor to rest in Chalara. Holy Mary, who is the protector of Amorgos, petrified their captain. The rest of the crew abandoned the two ships, which drifted away beneath the monastery. The ships were also petrified and turned into the isles named Mikro and Megalo Viokastro in the bay of Agia Anna.

The monastery of Hozoviotissa

Then we arrive at the pride of the island, the monastery of Hozoviotissa. We take a stop below, so you feel its magnificence where it is literally hanging on the steep rocks. The movie “The Big Blue” by Luc Besson was filmed here and made Amorgos famous worldwide. In the last years, it has been a reunion in memory of the movie. It has come divers from all over the world to compete in freediving.

We pass the two wonderful stone beaches Agia Anna and further on Mouros. Then we go around the southern tip of the island, in between Kalotaritissa bay and Gramvousa isle. Shortly after is the shipwreck of Olympia, it sank 1980 in a storm. Then we go along the coast of Kato Meria whit its farming landscape and ancient Arkesini with the castle of Kastri. Passing outside the port of Katapola and finally through the bay of Agios Pavlos and back to Aegiali.


Your day cruise is private with a maximum of 10 passengers. During the cruise, you get the opportunity to swim and snorkel, and we stop at places of interest. If you have any wishes what to see or do you are welcome to tell us in advance. We also offer tailor-made cruises based on your wishes, and we can also camp one night on a desert beach.

Price: 800€

Time: We start between 10-12 and end 17-20


  • Zodiac boat
  • Crew
  • Fuel
  • Insurance for the Zodiac boat and passengers


  • Sunscreen
  • A cap or hat that you can tie under the chin. Otherwise, it can fly away in the wind.
  • Food & drinks, fridge is available onboard
  • Equipment if you want, for instance, to snorkel
  • Towel


In case of bad weather, winds above 3 Beaufort, we cancel the cruise. We will inform you at once via telephone or SMS. And we can reschedule for another day.