Day Cruise Anti Keros Keros & Koufonissia Anti Keros, Keros & Koufonisia Visit places only reached by boat Swim at secluded beaches Discover sea caves and isolated coves with cliffs in fantastic colours.
Day Cruise Antikeros Keros & Koufonissi Map
  1. The port of Aegiali
  2. Antikeros
  3. Keros
  4. Koufonissia
Discover the historical islands of Antikeros and Keros; here is also a bird reserve. Go along the pristine coastline of Koufonisia with its sea caves and isolated coves with fantastic colours. Swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters. The cruise will leave you unforgettable impressions and memories to bring back home.


Antikeros consist of two small islands, Ano & Kato Antikeros, with two inhabitants. They are separated by a narrow channel, four meters deep. We stop for a swim at one of the secluded beaches.


Keros is an uninhabited island 15 km2, and the highest point is 432 m. It was an important place during the Cycladic civilization that flourished around 2500 BC. Keros is especially famous for the Cycladic marble figurines. It is now forbidden to land on Keros due to archaeology findings, and there is also a bird reserve. But we stop to enjoy one beautiful beach on the island.


Koufonisia is a group of 2 islands: Ano and Kato Koufonisi. They are very different from each other. While Ano Koufonisi is the centre of the activity of life and tourism, Kato Koufonisi is uninhabited, and you can only reach it by boat from Ano Koufonisi.
We explore the pristine coastline of Koufonisia, discovering sea caves and isolated coves with cliffs in fantastic colours. You can’t miss jumping off the boat in the turquoise waters, a unique experience!
Koufonisia date back to prehistoric times, according to archaeological findings. One of the most important findings is a fryer-shaped vessel, exhibited in Naxos’ museum.


Your day cruise is private with a maximum of 10 passengers. During the cruise, you get the opportunity to swim and snorkel, and we stop at places of interest. If you have any wishes what to see or do you are welcome to tell us in advance. We also offer tailor-made cruises based on your wishes, and we can also camp one night on a desert beach.

Price: 700€

Time: We start between 10-12 and end 17-20


  • Zodiac boat
  • Crew
  • Fuel
  • Insurance for the Zodiac boat and passengers


  • Sunscreen
  • A cap or hat that you can tie under the chin. Otherwise, it can fly away in the wind.
  • Food & drinks, fridge is available onboard
  • Equipment if you want, for instance, to snorkel
  • Towel


In case of bad weather, winds above 3 Beaufort, we cancel the cruise. We will inform you at once via telephone or SMS. And we can reschedule for another day.